I've been aware of this fact for a long long time but every know and then consumerism gets me and I waste money on stuff I don't really need. Too many times it has left me with great guilt. It's like we truly believe that our self worth and true happiness relies on material stuff. I don't blame anyone in particular, this is just the path we together as a society has chosen to take on. I believe this to be partly true, if u want to stay up to date and be a part of this modern era, you need certain type of things, and I think that's okay, that's fine, but what is not okay is teaching young kids that there's a relationship between material things and true happiness. I think we unconsciously encourage them to the facts that the more you have the better you are. It's not true. But it sure is confusing.

Being wealthy is what most of this worlds population is striving for, but what for really? I'm asking the middle and upper class now, the people who lives where I come from knows what I'm talking about. Money gets you stuff, money takes you places and money are for many connected to freedom, but for some, money has no value what so ever. I'm talking for the people in my age, obviously, since that's my profession atm. These material things works for many as a perception of being more powerful and mighty and to fit in. I also think that envy and fascination plays a big role. We want that. I also think this is the main reason for so many girls and boys feeling like crap, because why? Because we pour our love into THINGS that will never love us back. We're searching for meaning in meaningless things. It's highly temporary happiness and in a blink of an eye you're searching for the next big thing to purchase, because you're not satisfied. Will we ever be satisfied? Nothing is ever enough for us, not even ourselves so we try to save ourselves by wasting money on our external beings instead of trying to save what's on the inside. I've become a much more spiritual person during these past months, I feel a lot better in my self. I do no longer need other peoples recognition or approval in order to be happy. For the first time in my life I invested in something that didn't require a single dollar bill or a coin. I invested in love towards another person (that doesn't include my family members) which led me to love towards my self as well and I think that's been by far the greatest "purchase" I've ever done. I've come a long way but I still have a long way to go. I know I  might be a little confusing and sometimes I feel two faced looking through all my social medias but it's a journey as everything else. Deep down I know what I want I who I want to be but sometimes I do things a little too hasty. I hope my message came through at least a little, if not: I'm trying to put focus on the fact that true happiness and self worth does not go hand in hand with material things. This is what I,ME,MY believe. 

"Where you invest your love, you invest your life 🙏" 


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